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Brief history of URB RBR

Founded in 1949, with more than 50 years of experience, the bearing plant of Brasov joins the traditional industries of the world.
Manufacturing more than 3,200 bearing types in over 11,700 constructive variants, RBR (Rulmentul Brasov Romania) is the national leader in the bearing production.

Together with C.I.R.O.A. Brasov - Industrial Head Office of Bearings and Assembling Components -, Rulmentul Brasov has created and developed the entire bearing industry of Romania , not only at Brasov, but at Birlad , Alexandria, Ploiesti, Suceava and Slatina, also. It transferred to these plants important segments of its production, remaining still the most complex plant of all the Romanian bearing plants, with the largest range of products and the highest flexibility and adaptability. The following steps may be distinguished:
1949 - the bearing production is begun into a specialized working shop inside ASTRA Brasov plant (the present ROMAN Brasov Company);
1959 - the transfer of the bearing production from the truck factory to the present placement takes place and the bearing manufacturing is settled, as an independent specialized company. It is set up the plant named Fabrica Rulmentul Brasov;
1961 - the name of the plant is changed into “Uzina Rulmentul Brasov?, the new name symbolizing URB trade mark;
1976 - the plain bearing production in Romania begins at Rulmentul Brasov, by setting up the first manufacturing line, under Glacier England license;
1990 - S.C. RULMENTUL S.A. Brasov is registered;
1994 - the first step of privatization of the company takes place (by public offer);
1995 - the second step of privatization of the company takes place (by nominative privatization coupons) ; the division of the company is done by separation of the plain bearing production from the main plant into an independent company named SC ROMLAG SA Brasovi
1996-1999 - the bearing manufacturing modernization and reengineering is performed - together with Koyo Seiko Japan;
1999 - it is registered the RBR trade mark both for the domestic and for the world plane;
1995-2000 - it is modernized the forged half-finished production;
2003 - products manufactured by S.C. Rulmentul S.A. are exported in over 40 countries, all over the world.


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